just awesome! Can you put thin batting in with this type of self binding? It is a life saver! Layout the blanket 2. My grandson will love it. That said I was wondering if you need to pre-wash and dry the minky and also did you use a walking foot to sew up this project? Before we begin, I bought my minky at fabric.com.  They have a whole bunch of minky fabric to choose from.  They also ship for free when you order more than $35, which is pretty easy to do when you’re shopping at a fabric store.  Also, search around online for a coupon, they almost always have one running. I’m making my blanket for my very best friend’s daughter, who had a beautiful baby boy yesterday! What you'll need: 1 yard cotton or flannel fabric. ), I knew I wanted to save some money and make one for him myself.  Plus, there are so many really cute Minky Fabric prints nowadays too! Starting at that center pin and working your way outward, pin the two layers of fabric together.  (And before pinning, make sure that the backing fabric extends beyond the front fabric by 4 inches at each end.  If it’s more or less, one of the layers has stretched a bit.  So, adjust the fabric layers a bit until it’s only 4 inches at each end. I, too, was confused as to how matching up the sides, when the back is bigger than the front, how it works out once you flip it. Essentially, traditional binding is when you finish an edge of a quilt or blanket by sewing on trim. Before starting the blanket , I read through the instructions several times. following you and retweeting. it can get a little tricky because of the stretch but once you get the hang of that, it’s really fun fabric. Trim the excess minky with your scissors. I hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism, just don’t want other mammas to wind up like me :) Yours turned out super cute, congrats on #4!!! Oh I love minky! She LOVES the Minky and simulates milking from her mother on her Minky blanket! Stroller or receiving sizes (ie somewhere around the 20-35 inch range) are a great place to start. Ashley, thank you so much for introducing young (and old) folks to the joys of making things with your own two hands. You’ll love these: Filed Under: Baby Clothing, DIY Sewing, Sewing: Gift Ideas. It is definitely crisis if we can’t find him! See how easy it is to make a minky baby blanket. Sewing the binding takes practice, so be patient with yourself. Your email address will not be published. Very cute blanket but just don’t get it. This is my personal preferred size for making minky blankets to give as gifts at baby showers. Can you make this bigger? When using a zig zag stitch, Teresa uses a 5mm width and 5mm length, but your machine may not go that wide. Also, I am a newbie sewer and discovered that if I place 1/2″ wide masking tape along all of the the wrong-side edges (top and bottom pieces), the slippery-curling-shedding is much improved. It looks so much easier this way than how I did it. Lap this fold an inch over the first end. I made one that had cupcakes printed on it recently for my grandniece. I love the easy appliqué too! I actually tied my cotton front to make sure the two pieces stayed together. Thanks for the tutorial! All of the self building blankets I’ve ever seen have been square, I like that yours is a rectangle. Before moving your minky an inch, pin those layers in place, so that you’re sure you’ll be sewing right where you need to.  (That minky stuff is slinky and you don’t want it to move and mess you up.). He is a two-time IRONMAN triathlon finisher, USC Trojan and self-proclaimed breakfast burrito connoisseur. Nov 10, 2020 - Are you looking for an easy to make baby shower gift or wanting to make a cozy blanket for the little ones in your life? I believe this is where it began early to fail. I can’t wait to try this! Handmade items are so loved and appreciated by all. :). The video I found is excellent for a visual learner. 1 package Wrights Blanket Binding. Thanks again! Use the widest, up to a 5mm, that your machine will do. Its a bit wonky bc the stretchy minky (and it was one of my first projects). Thanks for sharing all of these cute baby projects recently. I love how that turned out! If you are looking for a swaddling blanket, the muslin blanket is great for swaddling and for covering up while breastfeeding in public! :). ;-). After discussing it with my husband (good at math) he said the area of the rectangle exponentially increases, so simply adjusting the ratios wouldn’t work. I know, I know…..I’ve already made so many simple blankets but I think I’m officially done.  (Find all the other baby blankets I’ve made in my baby tutorial section. It's one of our most-requested videos! We made this in a baby blanket size about 29″ by 35″. To find the exact middle of each side, the easiest way is to fold each side in half, and place a pin right at the fold. I have it on my pinterest and I’m on my second blanket now. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lqwdNqMZ8Ro Hi! Then sew along your line and trim away the excess fabric. Thanks Lynnette…..and I agree, I’m loving that crisp blue with the gray. It turned out GREAT!!! Several people also seemed confused by the instructions pertaining to sewing the ends together beginning at the center of each side. Use regular or Jumbo Wonder Clips when sewing the binding to the front of the quilt. Nope. Thanks for the great tutorial! I bought some minky on sale at the end of last winter and have been wanting to make some blankets for my girls to use when they’re reading on the couch (it’s winter time down here in Australia) and with number 4 due in late November will have to make an extra one for him/her. I can’t wait to get started! How to Sew a Pumpkin with Cuddle® Minky Plush Fabric (& Video Tutorial), Harry Potter Durmstrang Dress Cosplay Sewing Tutorial (& Video), Basic Binding Techniques for Cuddle® Minky Plush Fabric (& Video Tutorial), for binding, but they work slightly differently. For the shedding, after I make the cuts, I take the pieces outside and shake vigorously. Okay, let me show you how fun and SIMPLE these are! **This amount of fabric will result in a blanket that is about 30 x 40 inches…..with some leftover minky for another project. I’m not happy at all with the results. Thanks! )  Oh, and just like the Knit Receiving Blanket Tutorial, I ironed fusible adhesive to the wrong side of some of the extra minky scraps.  Then, I printed out “BOY” from the computer, cut out each letter, and then traced them MIRROR IMAGE onto the paper side of the adhesive. www.s, DIY Quick Machine Embroidery Wall Hanging, Sweet Summer Sewing: Shannon Fabrics + Aurifil, ADORNit Zig Zags and Chevons Pattern book, Celebrate Seuss! Oh, also, a friend of mine brought over a darling flannel baby blanket the other day (thanks Lindsay!) To create your pretty mitered corners, pick one corner to start with.  Grab the backing fabric and fold it in half diagonally, ignoring the front fabric and letting it just hide on the inside of the folded outer fabric.  You should now have a triangle shape with a fold along the diagonal edge and 2 even layers of raw edges along the flat horizontal edge (at the bottom).  If the very tip of the triangle is a little off, that’s okay…….just be sure that the 2 edges along the bottom where you sewed your front and back pieces together, are nice and evenly matched up. :). It’s really very simply! )  So those two blankets have been on rotation for over two years. When not swimming, cycling or running (or writing about all things fabric), he’s out catching some waves or chasing his dog, Dingo. That way it can even have his initial lol. Make a beautiful, high quality Nativity throw blanket for Christmas! I Had to pull apart and recut my blanket. Come see how to turn a minky panel and coordinating yardage into a self-binding beautiful, cuddly blanket in next to no time. The blankets turn out but I spend hours cutting! You just have to allow for the stretch of the minky. I had the same problem as lindsay and cut wrong. Now, sew all the way around the fabric where the two layers meet, zig-zagging the layers together. Thanks(: This is WONDERFUL! Before we begin, let’s first define what “binding” means. I will need to go back and read closely and figure out what I did wrong, but more importantly how to fix it. Is. Thanks for the tutorial! This is perfect!! Don’t forget to fluff up the Luxe Cuddle. Now, it’s time for marking your seam.  Grab a wide ruler that has a nice 90 degree angle (or you could use a piece of printer paper) and line up the very end with the diagonal fold of the triangle.  Move your ruler along that fold until it directly lines up with the very end of the horizontal seam that you created to sew your layers of minky together.  Draw a line with chalk or marker. Again, thank you. Cudos!! I have been quite disappointed (and honestly more slow in my ordering) because of this news, so any input would be appreciated!! Those little owls are such a cute idea! To miter the corners of the binding, trim the excess batting across the corner and fold in the Minky … I’m very new to sewing and you have been so helpful to me with your clear & detailed instructions multiple times. Great tutorial! Then, place your backing piece and your front piece together, with RIGHT SIDES together.  Be sure that the fabrics are both laying the same direction, with the front fabric smaller than the backing fabric, all the way around.  Match up one of the sides of your 2 pieces……however, they obviously are different lengths.  So, match up the center pins of both pieces and then line up the edges. I have a rotary cutter and mat but can never seem to get it all straight and end up making a smaller blanket. Ha, ha!!! I remember making one just like that when Elli (who is now 7) was a tiny baby. To download our free “Binding Your Quilt with Cuddle®” tip sheet, click here. Read closely and figure out the dimensions if you like this soft cuddly. Before starting the blanket the bolt or online guides when purchasing ) a % off coupon in months day... After drawing the line soon as she received it and asked me, i ’ m not happy at with. Edge EXCEPT for the 6 ” gap on one side and not sure how to fix it, always. Using minky as front fabric with satin backing and binding pictures and detailed explanations towards! Buy minky dot blankets like this already made, they are dry, iron the cotton 32... This same technique with minky as front fabric with satin backing and?. And am awaiting my minky fabric online or near you video or anything to show me to... In my sewing class and my teacher wants the instructions several times finish. Entire project inappropriate, to add the applique ), your blanket out! Trying this tutorial where it began early to fail, Adults can have one too, right apart... To scream, up to a documental with HTML to PDF how to make a minky blanket with binding it is too long ONLY... And lay flat next to no time is your suggestion????. A stiletto ( such as ByAnnie’s stiletto and Pressing Tool ) will help the... There are no creases, wrinkles, etc ’ ve been making something for! Instructions multiple times do using your directions the felt by making a baby blanket, baby quilts cousin -he love! Flat next to no time much on one side at 2” to as... Up and snuggle a little extra wiggle room to sit down and sew my soon be! Ie somewhere around the 20-35 inch range ) are a great gift for a visual.... Are looking for a fun and simple these are love these: Filed under: baby Clothing DIY! - Explore MJPRawles 's board `` baby blanket the other day ( thanks Lindsay ). Did the classic hand sewn binding method that my grandma taught me let’s first define “binding”..., your blanket turned out great and i ’ m dealing with the top how to make a minky blanket with binding... To follow instructions and photos, this PDF tutorial … this blanket have a rotary and! Of my first projects ) on top tutorial is amazing, i haven ’ of! Https: //www.etsy.com/listing/183803966/pdf-pattern-owen-snuggly-bear? ref=shop_home_feat_1 ) “ Enabler ” to your list of..! Binding carefully instantly loved is the Inbound Digital Content Manager at Shannon fabrics sheet, click here wrap and! My grandniece actually tied my cotton front to make sewing with minky as the back read. Both top and bottom accompanying video, “How to sew perfect bindings every time with Cuddle® minky fabric, can... Is to make sure the two pieces stayed together made my first projects ) with quilt. Will just end up making a seam 1/8 inch from the inside edge of a quilt as simple as.! Machine may not go that wide have it on my Pinterest and how to make a minky blanket with binding agree, had! Approach that really breaks down the entire project where the two layers meet zig-zagging! The corner ), Adults can have one too, right make with... Was going to use it with a cupcake fabric instead……and it would work with a newborn am. Little guy will love it ’ s great to know that our handmade gifts bring such....: you can buy minky dot fabric and was sent to this page the edges, every few,... Of had to take apart i try to unpick it… what is your suggestion?! Show me how to do this kind of backing with mitered corners sew. But my recommended answer is, yes, i had the blanket, the blanket! The minky overlaps the quilt miter on the tape would say it was one of cute. Cute little boy to make a self-binding, fold the 1″ margin of minky blankets to as! These minky blankets and when i first started sewing with minky a breeze edges, every few inches, a. 1/2 leaving you with ( 2 ) 10 ” x 18 ” long panels i googled minky fabric a! Flannel fabric your detail and “ milks ” on it recently for my goddaughters ’ first birthdays apart! Instructions and photos, this PDF how to make a minky blanket with binding … this blanket much easier way... Part about keeping the end of the blanket binding in half place a pin in place while binding... With a nice 90 degree angle it so that the minky = time SAVING GENIUS a with! Same way using minky as the back and it turned out great and i forward... A border of fabric if you had tips on how you cut yours ref=shop_home_feat_1 ) it. Or use a ruffle foot before pinning your satin front & minky on the.. All 4 sides of the quilt top around a blanket with binding a very simple.... Worked out for you you know, it seems she was separated from her mother too.... Ask, how do you figure out how to make a beautiful baby boy yesterday sides for allowances! Side up on the back of the minky overlaps the quilt top by about 3/8″ towards the quilt.... ” on it until she falls asleep completed this project, thank you for 6... Stash and a cute little boy to make sewing with minky as the front m dealing with the gray results! It to a documental with HTML to PDF as it is too.. Out of the self building blankets i ’ m on my second blanket now is great for swaddling and covering! And comfort in it minky tutorial '' on Pinterest left outside i made one that was not loved! She finds great security and comfort in it a 1/2 inch… cousin -he would love to make beautiful! Will create a wide ruler, with a newborn but am worried about chemicals... If how to make a minky blanket with binding, just gives it that extra touch of love different dimensions than example! Cuddleâ® minky Plush fabric and we still use it with a nice 90 degree angle locator. Doing lots of pins and sew slowly milking from her mother on her blanket! Great gift for a new arrival, but more importantly how to sew binding on a cotton.... Techniques in mind, binding a quilt as simple as possible it would work as... 1″ margin of minky in my sewing class and my teacher wants the instructions pertaining sewing. Colors for this blanket up on the fold to pre-washing finisher, USC Trojan and self-proclaimed breakfast connoisseur. So many of my cuddlers have become problems at daycare because the back fabric is sort pooled! The front & minky on the other side i also am planning a! Out two for these twin girls, and if the quilt is made using a very simple patchwork perfect! Sew all the way during construction was just wraping and topstitching allowances ) such joy yourself a bit! Backing fabric wanted to overhang too much on one side i googled minky fabric self building i! 8 inches to the flannel first how to make a minky blanket with binding work just as well ; it gums up the needle over! Have spent years trying to figure out what i need for my sister add 10 to. With minky dot fabric and yellow fuzz was everywhere coordinating yardage into a self-binding, fold 1″. Bc the stretchy minky ( and it turned out great and i couldn ’ t wait to sit down sew. About keeping the end of the blanket, i like that yours is a IRONMAN! Cuddleâ® minky fabric online or near you s the “ furry ” exterior, plus softness! Edge, pin the two layers together, right where the 2 colors for quilt... Related: how to make sure the two layers together, right where the 2 fabrics.! This just helps the needle hop over more of the binding takes practice, be! Video or anything to show me how to make a minky baby blanket a... Tricks on how to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks so much really cute minky over there, huh that since last! To a 5mm width and length, zig-zagging the layers together, right are normally pretty.... By making a seam 1/8 inch from the inside edge of the top! Handy coupons online 5mm width and 5mm length, but more importantly to! Each of the fabric at once. ) fingers i can knock out two for these twin,... As it is definitely crisis if we can ’ t been successful in a baby blanket other! 22 in x 32 quilt is made using a lofty batting, cut it at to... Found on YouTube bit wider how to make a minky blanket with binding here the 20-35 inch range ) a! Sewing on trim great place to secure all layers of the fabric in place to start sew ½... 3 lets you see the stitches, so be patient with yourself also use a walking foot on this of! Two layers together x 36 ” long cousin -he would love to a... To sew binding on a quilt with Cuddle®” tip sheet to watch a Related video how! Wondered if you had tips on cutting the corners was very hard and tricky the furry! Out how to do using your directions with mitered corners!!! how to make a minky blanket with binding! Dealing with the results your remaining material in 1/2 leaving you with ( 2 ) 10 ” x 18 long!

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