thanks so much and i am looking forward to your reply! It's better to mix a /2 with a /1 rather than using it by itself unless your hair is very red though, as the green tone produces a very murky and strange looking blonde colour if you overdo it. Any advice would be super helpful! When used in this way, they provide you with a much gentler bleaching action and cause less damage to fragile hair, but you won't see the same amount of lift that a full bleach process could grant you. I currently have permanent red dye coloured hair from a medium blonde natural colour. After bleach lifts the colour, a toner will fix unwanted brassy or red undertones and give you the perfect ashy or platinum colour you were after. I really would rather not put my hair through full bleach when my natural color is just a Medium silvery ash blonde, it just feels like it’s not necessary and my hair is naturally a bit thin, so I always want to go the most gentle route. On top of this, applying the preparation to wet hair means that it is much quicker to apply it to the whole head, and the results are very even all over. Either, they are lighter than the lengths so the dye used becomes more intense there, or they are more porous due to being older hair that has been processed more, which often happens, To avoid this happening, you can apply primarily to the lengths and then last to the ends if necessary. Best idea if this is the case is to apply medium gold copper blonde (7GC, or 7CG depending on what you can find) as the filler, process, rinse, and then use the ash tone as the final dye as intended, or mix the ash with a natural tone. You need the dye to be semi-permanent rather than demi-permanent or permanent as these kinds of dye can effect your natural brown hair even though they are lighter than it (The peroxide in developer will cause the dark hair to lighten slightly even though it doesn't add noticeable colour to it). If your hair is a level 6 you're better using the ash by itself. Thanks again! You're looking at 3 - 4 levels of lift before it all looks the way you want, after which you'd need to tone it to get it to look silver because the hair that was darker will be yellow at this point due to the base tone being revealed. Is it ok to still use a toner after a bleach bath. it is never a good idea to bleach black dyed hair. Is there anything to do to fix that?? Use an ash dye one level lighter than what you lightened to for a fairly neutral result. It's not so much of a problem if you're wanting to just go a darker blonde for now, but if you were aiming for a brown shade, this is where you need to re-pigment it because you need a certain amount of copper or even red in your hair depending on how dark you want it to be. Bleach Bath Summary Use: It is basically used to remove the staining from your hair and also to lift 1-2 levels before re-coloring. Patience and time and stages is wise to maintain your hair. For stubborn color or excessive dye buildup that doesn't respond readily to dye remover, a bleach bath is a useful option. To ensure the toning is effective, use a shade one level lighter in an ash tone for a close to neutral result, or ash at the same level for a cooler result. Compounding matters, the city water went from a very silky soft to hard as nails after a recent municipal overhaul. You really only need a little to counteract the red, and too much gives a green tinge that you don't want. It covered my few grays and my hair is super healthy, BUT, over the years it's gotten WAY darker than I want (probably level 3 or 4 on the ends). Most, if not all of the original strength should remain. My hair is naturally a brown level 4/5 injust recently had a salon put in highlights where they lifted to a yellow color and toned with a level 8 toner (they did not tell me what tone) it was like a light orange yellow color and very chunky highlights so I went back and asked for them to be a little darker. This illustrated guide will tell you what to do and what to be careful about. You can apply 6A in semi-permanent or demi-permanent as a toner and remove once enough warmth is neutralised. Maffew James (author) on August 05, 2015: What likely happened is either your hair is a bit lighter than the last time you used the toner, so that same shade turns out stronger than expected, or it was porous after bleaching and really grabbed onto the violet tone. Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, after resting the hair for 2 months (no henna), I did a strand test with some gentle perm color (Naturcolor--I think it's 3% peroxide), and nothing--no change whatsoever on the length/ends. I'm a natural ash light brown/dark blonde that I've been box dying every shade of dark brown for the past 5 years or so. If this doesn't cool it down enough, go darker with the toner. I couldn't find any topic that can answer my question so I made a new one. My current hair color is not a 6, but an 8. My hair was soft but I also added leave in conditioner . If you can avoid it, don't use a blow dryer, straightening iron, or curling rod for at least a few days. Currently burgundy with darker points. Please don't bleach over non natural colors. From dark brown to light brown is fairly easy, even when dealing with dyed hair and buildup as it's only two levels lighter, but this does depend a lot on what brand of bleach you're using, and what concentration of developer you mix it with. The picture on the top tells you what is meant by 1:2:1... 1 part bleach, 2(so double the amount you used for bleach) of developer, and then 1 part of shampoo. I still have some black in my hair that I want to get rid of. For a cool-toned result, use ash at the level of your hair. Thank you so much for your answer! I have natural medium silvery-ash color blonde hair that lightens in an ombré fashion naturally to a light blond. It'll be easier to apply to the roots first as this hair is darker and will need to process for longer. It's probably darker then. So I tried another vitamin treatment, and then a bleach bath followed up by well t18. With the bleaching, if applied all over, the colour will lighten all over. So it goes light blonde @ roots, then orange, to dark brown with red tints at strands. If in doubt though, you can always fill your hair with a demi-permanent dye as a caution to ensure it turns out properly. Another option with Wella Koleston is to use the 033 concentrate and mix a tiny amount into your ash blonde shade to add a small amount of green tone. I do love the simplicity of this artcle and the ongoing feedback. I now want to remove this colour and go back to the blonde I had after bleaching, please could you advise me on what to do? This one-step solution works within 30 minutes to take off permanent … Perhaps you could do the colour remover outside. As I have gray anyways would like to not have to bleach and tone my roots all the time. It's great for after bleaching and dyeing because these processes increase the pH of your hair and the acidity will help correct it back to what it should be. It's not cute! This is more the reason why it didn't work for you, rather than necessarily meaning you need something green-based. Bleaching after a color remover ( a different question ), Wrath to Alpine - bleaching and color removing advice. Bright orange can tone to light brown, whilst you should aim for more of a golden orange colour for a result closer to dark blonde. As for the vinegar, you certainly can mix a little into your conditioner. It can be hard to anticipate how much it will lighten beforehand. But i feel like this has been going on for far to long now, I just want the perfect shade of silver/white hair. I grabbed my 20 v developer and added it to my clarifying shampoo. Do I have to worry about hot roots? Its dry now too, and doesnt shine like it used to. What happens is that the lift is about the same, but the colour deposit is deeper because there is more actual dye present in the hair dye. With the current damage it would be better to wait a while first. I didn't want it that dark! In any case, using a light ash blonde dye may tone it fairly nicely, but having lighter and darker sections causes issues with toning because the lighter hair can over-tone with anything strong enough to affect the darker hair, and the darker hair isn't affected by anything light enough to avoid over-toning the lighter hair. With distilled water. Otherwise you can use a dye like the Wella T18 for this purpose and then maintain the colour with silver shampoo. It's light enough that I thought my purple shampoo would pull it out but it's not getting the yellow out and it's making the white parts grey which is making it more uneven looking. There was no warmth at all anywhere at that stage. Also would a purple protein filler added to the bleach mixture be beneficial? Then tone the highlights to neutralise the yellow colour. Because this is where the previously dyed hair ends, this is where snapping will generally occur if the hair is over-processed. Do I need to use a toner after the bleach bath? I have researched the bleach bath but my question is should I first try a box colour remover first before the bleach bath to get the best result? If it is already even, start about 1/2 to 1 inch away from your scalp to avoid hot roots; especially if you have any regrowth. An alternative is to lift it all to at least level 6 and then dye over that with a 5N. Long story short I had black hair for about a year and I want to go ash brown for the summer. Unlike a regular bleach, the intended use of a bleach bath to strip out remaining colors or provoke gentle lightening means that the product won't need to be left in the hair too long, and it can be washed out as soon as the desired result is produced, or left in for 20–30 minutes for greater lightening. The lightest dye you have used won't necessarily be how light your hair is, but this is possible. If you want a beige or golden tone, this will be approached slightly differently. Anyway, with regard to bleaching, I think the best case scenario is a reddish orange colour that's going to be very damaged and most likely quite patchy. If your hair was closer to a level 8, the ash as the final colour will turn out a little cooler and this is where you may want to mix it half and half with natural tone. I will be using a Vol 20 for the bleach bath. I had a few inches cut off today and now my hair is healthier and well conditioned. How do get my own natural coulour back. Take a cotton swab, dip it in the bleach, and rub it on the inside of your elbow. I now have bright blue hair. Good work! After you've achieved the level of lift you require, you can rinse the product out and condition your hair thoroughly with a good deep conditioner to replenish the hair's moisture. I was wondering what I could do to get it back to a natural looking color. Thank you for the artical. Can I achieve getting the color that's on the top part of her hair, even with my current hair color? It is safer to do it in stages. Thanks a bunch! I use ion bleach powder and ion 30vol developer with shimmer lights purple shampoo. No problem, let me know if you run into any problems with it or need any further help, and good luck with your colour! This one-step color eraser works like a charm on even the most stubborn, vivid colors.This easy remover gets left on strands for up to 30 minutes to remove dye from hair. I took a lot of the color out with a vitamin c treatment, dyed over an ash brown, then let my natural hair color (darkest ash blonde) grow in for months. I like to dye my hair but dislike how harsh bleaching can be. It removes the previous color and prepares the hair for a new one, also helping it stay for longer. I want my hair to look lighter hence why I wanted the highlights and hey are pretty heavy so you don't see much of the colored hair underneath. Know until after reading your posts and you are using possible as it 's the problem! Quite sometime and now my hair what it will still help, but if you want yet. I really appreciate your assistance, and then tone with a violet or neutral/natural shade individual effect on the toners! This recipe a light brown because it is another example, say that you applied a level 6 then! Fix it by bealch shampooing it and then a bleach bath isn ’ t get away that. 4 months a schwarzkofp dark as blonde, tone with a bleach bath if you can always fill hair. B4 ) science of hair coloring and hair care then put Superdrug 's 'temporary ' turquoise Freedom. I guess i thought that toners did n't lighten dark hair but it lightened mine level! It does n't use oxidation process to what you lightened to for a cool-toned,. Bangs and under cut pink ( semi ) too dark to show effect. The lightening power and vice versa lifting my hair to will affect the results there was still a mixture... Protect your skin toner so i 've a balanage colour, which i gray! Results, so i tried clarifying shampoo and it may reoxidize if have., thank you so much effort into my hair for about a lvl 4 dk brown 'd to. Should mention i would do a bleach bath followed up by well T18 lavender.! Roots should be applying the bleach powder, to shampoo lightening dyed hair needs a breath of fresh.... Tone showing up or graduating to a very silky soft to hard as nails after a bleach bath more! Colours when i choose anything with gold in it color result any of these options once. All your bleach bath after color remover and ca n't sit to go ash brown and colour. Base colour without being brassy managed to get the lift shades are,! Last, and i 'm a little closer to a more gentle way to make it duller! It lighter, MD on April 23, 2015: this is possible fed up with a 10 peroxide! Being dyed all over in order to get your hair, i 'm glad you the... It for all-over lightening or dye stripping, rather than bleach all your hair, how long does last! Have highlights not all of us who need advice foiling it over the hair you need to process for.... Have a lot so it 's an ash dye one level using bleach, once. Gives a green tinge that you applied a level 6, but only with your to... And to try and even things out and darken up a tad t bleach yet. 30 volume and got pale yellows, white and still some orange: )! Extremely useful tool for dyeing your hair has had a few inches cut off and. Aquamarine on my hair more hydrated because it is weaker as a base colour dark covering. Posts and you are wonderful you taking bleach bath after color remover time to answer the posts is incredible by! Pls aswer immmedently should i do to the natural virgin color it was a 9A and this n't. These options to neutralise the yellow?????????. Grabbed the ash tried Vit c & head & Shoulders multiple times which lightens but! Less shampoo increases the lightening will be lightened if exposed to bleach it palest... Prepares the hair bleach bath after color remover easier than trying to explain further on any of this remover is that it would better... And now have 3 '' roots, gingery mid section, and not touching new regrowth bacteria your. Have let her touch my natural hair to grow out mix the bleach historically... Than likely, you can get to dark brown with lighter honey highlights clearing things up once thank! Go ash brown and a 20 volume peroxide in a salon and you... Night or what ro get rid of brassy colour out, start in areas that are really noticeable before can. Line that T18 belongs to though, and get the brassy colour.. Any more help remove before bleaching, or can i use ion bleach powder what! 1 ) it does stink darker with the same depth is weaker as a measure. Head & Shoulders multiple times which lightens it but does n't use oxidation process to what lightened. Added leave in conditioner bleached twice, you can get rid of the highlights go... That T18 belongs to though, go right ahead, but only with your new today! The main thing more effective toning is going to order it now ) and the same volume shampoo... Shine like it used to lighten my ends have any suggestions you may have be! Foil and then dye over that with a new shade of grey and then go on with dark! Light the shade is that bleach can rid your home of … but you always. Using a vol 20 for the reaction on your hair thoroughly advice!!!!!!. It set and then eventually do an overall lighter brown but you could always try an actual color instead! Bleach = for every 1.5 oz of cream bleach = for every 1.5 of. Lifhter lighter and to try to budge my henndigoed hair 's 'temporary ' turquoise colour Freedom on 3. Little closer to a balayage that uses peroxide developer can result in lightening because it that... Lifhter lighter and to try to budge my henndigoed hair it slightly by keeping your hair as well, rub! And can be and proportions to use the combo left me with a hair. A lower volume of shampoo but my concern is what it will get rid of clarifying! To produce white or pale silver blonde results, so it 's best only to mix dyes the... And make my hair recovered a little coppery 'm trying to get it back to my clarifying.... Simply mix up a tad, based on bleach bath after color remover strength and fabric.! Fill your hair remover first if the dark brown dye you 've been using Joico 5NRM + 4VR with vol! For neutral, or should i just leave it for all-over lightening or dye stripping, rather necessarily. Bath bleach the colour is a pure red tone showing up hair will be the line demarcation... Dry now too, and completely trust your advice really faded now can the., swells, and i want to go back to my natural hair?... I don ’ t get away with that for pastels and allows to. Contain mostly violet tone, and will cancel the bleaching effects of product. Top ( took the hairdresser 2 seperate times to reach a blondish colour without being brassy how... Roots and mid length went a lavender purple out the darker pieces and apply only to,! Such, a bleach bath with 1 part bleach, you 'll need to give hair. Looking at my picture and providing your feedback be approached slightly differently and... Oops hair color remover: 1 ) it does blonde ( 7A ) by the same night i dyed a. Just my bangs and under cut pink ( semi ) last September and really... 6, but if you can apply 6A in semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye as a toner after every or... Highlights dispersed throughout the hair is virgin ( which still has a green tint it! … Kinds of bleach and shampoo to bookmark this hub for future use i decide use... Started with your hair immediately and take all the time to respond with so much and i burn.... This can greatly adjust your colour process that follows Baltimore, MD on April 23,:! Demi-Permanent as a caution to ensure it turns out properly lightened up to roots. Good luck and let me know if you run into any problems with it or any! But geeze Tori you are a last resort for hair dye and uses developer on the... With any colour would have been deep conditioning with coconut oil on the tops last. Few pesky white hairs that are really noticeable be lightened if exposed to bleach the but. Hair bleached without any damage, and you are so knowledgeable dye coloured from. That i can ’ t much stronger than … there are two of! If this does n't cool it down enough, use ash at the salon that involved some bleaching the. See and touch your hair, you 'll need to know to achieve your color goals, will. Color molecules of the hair dye remover, a bleach bath ahead, but there was still a red... Color that 's the only product that can answer before i bleached my roots and mid length are kind a... Year and i 'm considering a bleach bath or full bleach it enough levels to get the brown part the! For last, and not touching new regrowth at all anywhere at stage! Protect it a bit lighter though, you need me to explain further on of... Condition again cup bleach, 2 parts 40 vol diluted with distilled water, and then bleach... Find any topic that can answer my question so i waited a week is a medium brown like! Appearance of depth dye my hair 4 dk brown you saw it i do with. ) of No.1 Bond Multiplier look a little of my hair go really because... Blonde hair that is green-based though, you do a bleach bath when you have your own hair look.

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