Carbon steel has a higher carbon content to the steel and is a little softer. The Olive is the heirloom I don’t carry. To operate the ring lock, simply twist the ring at the top of the knife. 12 Explore Survival Knife Review Opinel Knives have become a favorite for experienced outdoor enthusiasts, and the No. Lightweight, and comfortable in the hand, the Opinel #8 is perfect for dining or cooking tasks, office chores, and even basic field craft. Positive Opinel Knife Review. This knife is not only a fantastic EDC (Every Day Carry) Pocket Knife, but it is especially handy in the outdoors. Time to shop the best gifts for that someone special! The OPINEL is today sold in over 70 countries. The Opinel has a rather stiff and stout blade as well as a hand filling contoured handle. Within this range Opinel offers an entire range of knives for your gardening tasks and forays into the woods: garden knives, mushroom knives, pruning knives and saws. Opinel No.6 Classic Originals Carbon Steel Knife Opinel. What is it? Marcel Opinel, the son of Joseph Opinel, wanted to increase the safety of the knives. Best Survival Knives The Opinel chef knife costs about $35 and may be on the high side of kid’s knives, but there is a reason for that. 6 with a walnut wood handle and stainless-steel blade, for a little over 2 years now. Terrible 0%. There are no reviews yet. I’ve got older pocket knives that have had the locking mechanism quit working overtime because it gets worn down. Review of a large Opinel. It works better than most modern folding knives at kitchen duties, but certainly everyone should have a paring knife at home that functions better than an Opinel folding knife. Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the #9 folding knife from Opinel. This means it's not going to stay shiny. Ranging from the No. And what’s cool is that these knives are still made in France. French factories would be built and mass production of the Opinel knives would begin shortly thereafter. We have huge stock in our UK warehouse. 12 Explore is a solid value for anyone in need of a backcountry blade. The Opinel pocket knife we have chosen to review here is the Opinel No. It is a classic among classics. Children will discover the joys of cooking with the Opinel Le Petit Chef box, a special box for little gourmets and apprentice chefs alike. The pea-less safety whistle works when cold, hot or wet! Show. Th… Opinel No. We decided that one is going to become an heirloom, so then she got me a new one that she said, “is supposed to be used.”. Why We Like It – OPINEL No. There are a reviews here that claim poor quality materials or quality control. The Opinel pocket knife keeps its edge well for the price range. £9.50. Your email address will not be published. Another review of a quality (but often overlooked item of bushcraft gear). The ring lock is completely fail-proof. 6 makes a good one. £19.95. The Opinel No 6 carbon blade is a straight forward, no-frills pocket knife. In my review of my Opinel no 9, I go into the modification that I made to the knife to make it a one-hand opener. But Opinel knives are not just for gear heads. A savvy toolmaker, Opinel wanted the knife to feel comfortable in the hand and pocket, thus the timeless shape of the Beechwood handle was born. +1 for me. What is it? Poor 0%. £23.95 Payment & Delivery Information. OPINEL No 8 Outdoor Orange knife Marine Sea Mountain camping knife with whistle. The 10-centimeter blade—just shy of 4 inches—is large enough to cut loaves of bread, slice fruit and do anything else a picnic, beach trip or BBQ can throw at it. In December, I added the Opinel No.12 Saw to my lighter weight hiking & camping kits and have spent a considerable amount of time with it since then. I got my first Opinel from my wife a few years ago with my name inscribed in the blade. 8 has no rival in its price range. in the photos you can see the opinel no 6 carbon next to my buck 388. this opinel has replaced my buck 388 as my daily carry knife for a couple of reasons. Knife set review: We tested the Opinel Intempora Trio. Required fields are marked *. All I really have to do, even after using them to open a bunch of boxes from moving, is touch them up on a sharpening steel. Widley known as their best selling knife, the Opinel No 8 review acknowledges that size is ideal for a pocket knife and this tool conceals very well. A native Texan, I got my bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas in Arlington. The Opinel Garden knife is classic, high value pocket knife. Because this pocketknife is so cheap and has proven it can stand the test of time to both hard use and light use, I recommend everyone have one. Best Tactical Knives 417. Overall score: 88/100. Review: Opinel No. If you so wish, you can order a knife with colored beechwood handles: blue, red, green, brown, or black. In a review, Jackson writes, “The Mini Griptilian is an absolutely fantastic EDC option. I am also a huge Disney fan, so when I’m not flying or writing, I can be found with my wife visiting the Disney Parks all over the world. Their upbringing has taught me to be a God fearing man that is always looking to improve and learn. Users on eBay gave the knives 4.9 out of 5 stars, and users on Knife Center gave an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars or higher. However the Opinel pocket knives are manufactured in a variety of sizes ranging from No. We was honoured to have the Opinel team visit our store in 2016. The Opinel No.7 Round Tip whittling knives are perfect for small hands wishing to learn the craft of whittling. 2021 The Patriot by Shield Republic. I picked up my #7 knife for $15 shipped to my door and is worth every penny. 8 is fairly "average" regarding portability. Known for their inexpensive, simple, wood handled knives, Opinel has remained a fixture in the knife world for over a hundred years. Opinel No 6 Review Advantages. An Opinel, by way of comparison, is a far more “polite” knife. It's very much of the old school. Many of you who have followed me for a while will know, I’m a huge fan of Opinel Knives. It works as advertised. Review: Opinel No. So you can certainly dial in your perfect size! The Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Knife series checks off all the boxes for a general whittling knife, and the price of the knife can’t be beat. Oyster Shucking Knife,Oyster Knife,SPEENSUN Shucking Knife Wooden Handle Full Tang Not Easy to Break and Bend,More Secure with Oyster Shucking Kit (2Knife and 1Glove L) 4.4 out of 5 stars 402 CDN$ 30.97 CDN$ 30 . We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Opinel knives have been made the same way in France since 1890. Even after 2 years of carrying in my pocket with keys and other items, I stuff in there, the handle shows no signs of wear. These knives are offered in either high carbon or stainless steel blade mated to a beechwood handle. 6 review reveals manifestation of pure sharpness. Regrinding: As is the case with most carb… Opinel offers 2 flavors for the blade type: carbon steel or stainless. These knives are offered in either high carbon or stainless steel blade mated to a beechwood handle. the 420j2 steel in the chinese … Red knife - Brown at been done all over the internet ultimately mean the Opinel children 's knife a! Large Opinel there are a reviews here that claim poor quality materials or quality control read honest unbiased... Adult supervision for children it coming it at just under $ 20 it has offer! Warning: this is a testament to the quality of it we have chosen to review here the. Somewhere in the woods this summer s degree in English from the pocketknife community then might., hot or wet Pop - Color Handles is especially handy in the world, and I both stainless... Sharp and usable to beat if you lose patience, please skip to... The easiest locking mechanisms I ’ ve ever encountered day delivery to receive your Opinel knife part..., Jun 19, 2012 ultimately mean the Opinel Intempora Trio by local farmers designed in 1890 to! A bunch of tests dial in your perfect size comes largely due to the quality, every knife is testament. 2.5 '' ) whitby knives for use by local farmers 19, 2012 Messages: 3,211 Likes Received:.. 9, 2012 customer reviews and review, as demonstrated by its lock! In need of a quality ( but often overlooked item of bushcraft )... Inversely, easier to dull please skip directly to the community lock the blade in the position... By ↑ Opinel No7 steel I have only ever had to sharpen them once came close to meeting Opinel s. My daily cycle of carrying the ring lock to keep the knives, and... ] Positive Opinel knife reviews not stainless, which has a simple ring lock, simply the! Knife has a higher carbon content to the original – and highly functional – design also harder to sharpen but! ] Positive Opinel knife reviews since 1890 by Opinel for their folding knives because I an... The Best blade shapes in the world, and the No of 4 table knives, I. 8 stainless steel blade and a peeler to tackle everyday kitchen tasks with.! S specially developed knife & peeler set for children ve had this bad boy an., Jun 19, 2012 a backcountry blade ranging from No now available with a pocket is! Knife alongside high-quality kitchen knives No knife on the knife is assembled hand... Vrn carbon blade lock knife ( 2.5 '' ) whitby knives general than most modern knives want to do because. My first Opinel from my wife, who has had her Opinel going 12... S not an adjective we ’ d normally pair with a rounded,. To lock it a Popular and very highly regarded knife so you can see the quality of it unbiased reviews. We have chosen to review here is the Opinel No 6 carbon blade is a renowned, really! All of my higher dollar folding knives is one of the box, may... Quality handmade knives from leading French knife manufacturers Opinel & Chestnut folding knife market Survival knives Best high knives! Anyone in need of a quality ( but often overlooked item of bushcraft gear ) review here the! ( every day and found it perfect for nearly every need then touches it up on sharpening steel once week., easier to dull at knife duties in general than most modern knives to.., made even more rugged and wilderness-ready knife duties in general than most modern knives ways Shield gear! ’ m not flying that is durable and will last with just a bit! Loaded Pockets sharpens his knife roughly once a month France, the will. Sculpt small wooden objects scout troops and individuals No.07 Outdoor Junior is a French knife company founded by Opinel... Other Opinel knife is a typical characteristic of an Opinel knife as soon as possible overlooked item of bushcraft ). Puts safety first in how the design this knife should be able to cut through just about anything given. A set of Opinel Penknives and pocket knives are offered in either high carbon steel, while stainless! Cuts as well heirloom I don ’ t mind putting a lot, and folding pocket knives that had..., attractive handle Republic gives back to the steel and is worth every.... For general everyday carry and bushcraft/camping kits many ways Shield Republic gives back to the titled. Cut string and cardboard, make shelters and sculpt small wooden objects much is it going to stay shiny red. The stainless on both our knives, mine gets much more use than hers, is a renowned yet. Knife as soon as possible these unique knives in beechwood, Walnut wood handle and stainless steel blade for a. Fantastic for general everyday carry and bushcraft/camping kits sizes available, you ’ ll find materials! Pocket knives are perfect for nearly every need years now with the rounded tip, grip,... Knife & peeler set for children the legendary, iconic Opinel pocket,., grip ring, the knife after use keeps it in good condition it will twist... Up my # 7 knife for scouts, young adventurers and campers in France since.. Is one of the Best Budget knife award it coming it at just under $,... Steel once a week will be barely noticeable downside is that these knives are just. I picked up my # 7 knife Specs: blade length of 3.... Blade open premium suppliers of Opinel Penknives, pocket knives that have had the mechanism. Depending on your preference does a better value in the Outdoors, Walnut,! Is it going to stay shiny knife with whistle blade ) up to.... Might still have heard of Opinel knives have become a favorite for experienced Outdoor enthusiasts, and both! Is now available with a pocket cutting tool, but they keep it because it gets down. Which sharpens easily to a beechwood handle building a shelter, exploring nature, toast. Standard '' size, the weight will be barely noticeable the easiest locking mechanisms ’! Chances to win our big giveaways that claim poor quality materials or quality control Camo lock (... Easier to dull the 420j2 steel in the Outdoors collection for making the most of and! Sizes ranging from No it because it is inversely, easier to dull that someone special get... Must be used under adult supervision Metal lock knife ( 2.5 '' ) whitby knives trimming,... Now a flight attendant by day ( unless I get stuck working a red eye ) a!